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How can you help us raise funds to pay for vet care, medications, supplies and food? Here's how:

  • Have a "Donation Drive" and have friends and family or even work colleagues donate food, blankets, toys, bowls, beds, and other supplies. We can collect from any location across Brisbane and surrounding areas.

  • Participate in our fundraising drives. We have Cadbury's chocolate boxes and other opportunities for you to raise funds for our small paws in need.

  • Can you help us fundraise by attending BBQ's at Bunnings and other special days out? 

  • Donate a gold coin at work for a free dress day or a morning tea.

  • You can donate funds direct on a regular basis from your bank in a direct debit - ask us how!

  • Do you own a business and can run a promotion sale from the proceeds from items you sell or services you provide?

    Every dollar counts and provides welcome support to our mission.

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