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A good end to 2017

Well we have been running for just under 4 months and already we have been saving lives.

We have rescued over 50 animals in this time and have rehomed 37% of these.

Our philosophy of - Rescue For Life - is coming along nicely.

We have adopters messaging us with updates and we've had two animals we are providing ongoing support for their new families.

We have a team of compassionate, caring, loving and knowledgeable volunteers who always go above and beyond for the animals in our care.

We've got some special needs animals in care, mums and babies that have been found or abandoned, private surrenders and we have been assisting north QLD pounds as they are overflowing.

We have one special baby in care with a deformed leg - she will be assessed by one of our vets and the most appropriate care will be determined for her.

We have also been working closely with a couple of other rescues who have similar ethics as we do.

We are hoping 2018 will provide us with a positive kick start with our current fosters being adopted to great families.

Until then, we wish all of our supporters and forever families a Merry Xmas and Happy & Safe New Year.

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