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Help Our Kittens Thrive: Donate Kitten Food Today

As a volunteer at Small Paws Animal Rescue Queensland, I am reaching out for help on behalf of our kittens. We have recently experienced an explosion of kittens, and we need your help to ensure they get the nutrition they need to thrive.

The Situation

We recently posted on Facebook about collecting six more kittens who required hand feeding with wombaroo kitten formula. Since then, we have rescued multiple neonatal kittens, and we expect more to come. This influx of kittens is making it difficult for us to find enough space and supplies to care for them all.

Why We Need Your Help

Caring for kittens requires a lot of speciality kitten food and formula, especially when you're dealing with 2-3 hourly feeds for several kittens. We're currently feeding our kittens Wombaroo formula and Royal Canin mother and baby cat food. Our mumma cats also eat this food because good nutrition for mum equals good nutrition for baby.

We need donations of good quality kitten food, preferably from the Royal Canin range, to feed these little ones. Once they are weaned, we will need plenty of kitten food to feed them and the kittens we already have. Our goal is to give them everything they need to thrive, especially since they often require extra help due to their previous environment.

How You Can Help

All donations, big and small, are appreciated. You can donate kitten food by emailing us at or messaging our page. We have volunteers who are available to pick up or accept drop-offs. If you prefer to donate money, you can do so by using the following bank details:

  • Bank: Westpac

  • BSB:034-254

  • Account: 215314

  • Account Name: Small Paws Animal Rescue QLD

  • Reference: knfood - [your name]


Please help us give these kittens a life they wouldn't have had otherwise. Every single pouch, can, or box of kitten food goes to help the kittens we rescue, and none of it goes to waste. Thank you for your support.


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